Efficient stable Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

Efficient stable Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

Efficient stable Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

Providing a fast, hygienic, and high-quality solution to the creation of plastic bottles or jars, the Bange Automatic Blowing Machine can revolutionize your packaging process. The machine uses PET (polyethylene terephthalate) to create perfectly formed bottles that are tailored to meet your required dimensions. 

Capable of Varied Dimensions for Bottles and Jars

The Automatic Blowing Machine is suitable for manufacturers which create products that require storage in a suitable bottle or jar, or for use by manufacturers who supply bottles to other businesses. 

The Blowing Machine can be pre-set to a variety of different dimensions, depending on the shape of the bottle needed and the volume it has to hold. For example, the neck aperture can be varied in width by up to 20mm. This allows plenty of scope to configure a bottle or jar that's suitable for the intended product. 

Variable Output

Depending on the type of machine you purchase, up to six bottles can be produced in one production cycle. The number produced can be altered to meet production requirements, minimizing wastage and ensuring that there isn't a problem with over- or under-supply.

Wide Range of Applications

PET bottles are hygienic, durable, and economical to create. Suitable for the storage of foodstuffs, water, oils, and fruit juice, this type of bottle can also be used to store pesticides, cosmetics, medicines, and plenty of other products.

Of particular benefit to the food and beverage industry, the Automatic Blowing Machine can be used to create bottles for use in the agri-chemical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, chemical, and cosmetics industries.

Fully Automated

The machine is fully automated, reducing the risk of human error and eliminating labor costs. As an automated machine can be monitored remotely, quality assurance can be easily achieved. This, in turn, reduces the risk of a "poor batch", improving efficiency and ensuring that the Blowing Machine delivers a high ROI.

Through the use of automated machinery, contamination risks can be virtually eliminated, as production can take place in a sterile environment. Automation is also safer than a process that involves manual input.

Mold Elimination Mechanism

The Blowing Machine incorporates a high-grade, durable mechanism that's been designed and produced in Germany. A high-pressure protection feature is included in the mechanism. This has been designed to eliminate the risk of mold build-up in the machine, ensuring that strict levels of hygiene can be consistently maintained.

Low Maintenance

The Bange Automatic Blowing Machine has been designed to require minimal maintenance, and for 24-hour operation if required. Dependable and durable, this is a machine that will keep working for as long as you need it to. Minimum maintenance helps to keep downtime low, reducing the potential for a negative impact on production levels.

Energy Efficient Performance

The machine has been designed with energy efficiency as a priority. As a result, this is a piece of machinery that can deliver high output using only a relatively low amount of energy.

To find out more about the fully Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine, or to discuss your requirements in more detail, get in touch with the Bange Machine Factory.

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