5L-2 cavity Automatic Blow Molding Machine

5L-2 cavity Automatic Blow Molding Machine

5L-2 cavity Automatic Blow Molding Machine

The 5L-2-cavity automatic blow molding machine is a two-step linear automatic blow molding machine (two-step blow molding machine) developed by BANGE after years of research and development. Series blow molding equipment minimizes production costs and is easier to operate, allowing you to make greater profits in the highly competitive blow molding market. 5L-2 automatic bottle blowing machinery has a maximum of 3 cavities, and a single cavity can manufacture PET bottles and edible oil bottles of up to 5 liters, and can also blow other large-capacity plastic packaging containers above 2 L, such as carbonated beverage bottles, medium and low temperature filling fruit juices Blow molding of plastic bottles such as beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, and pesticide bottles.

The automatic conveying preform control method is adopted to reduce personnel, reduce costs, improve quality and increase profits for enterprises.
Driven by Japanese Mitsubishi servo motor, equipped with Taiwan Faston reducer, stable, efficient and energy-saving.
Photoelectric switch, proximity switch, relay: Japan Omron, with accurate control accuracy and fast response.
Ruby infrared lamp heating, strong penetrating power, uniform heating, high efficiency and energy saving of 40%.
Air switch, contactor, switching power supply: French Schneider, durable.
Man-machine interface control program imported from Japan's Mitsubishi or Germany's Siemens, with stable performance and simple operation.
German FESTO oil-water separator and Japanese SMC action valve. The switching speed is fast, the failure rate is low, and the operation is safe and reliable.
American Parker high-pressure blow valve, high sensitivity, fast blowing product molding.
The action and blowing are divided into two parts to meet the needs of different air pressures for bottle blowing and action, and to realize high-pressure blown products.
Unique clamping mode of servo motor, fast mold opening and closing speed, stable movement.
The servo motor stretches synchronously, effectively controlling the blow molding of the product, and the yield is high.
The whole machine has the functions of automatic alarm and automatic fault detection and judgment, and the maintenance is convenient and fast.

*The configuration and parameters will vary with the improvement of the equipment, the specific contract shall prevail

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