6-cavity spray bottle disinfection water bottle fully automatic blow molding machine delivery

6-cavity spray bottle disinfection water bottle fully automatic blow molding machine delivery

6-cavity spray bottle disinfection water bottle fully automatic blow molding machine delivery

6-cavity spray bottle disinfection water bottle fully automatic blow molding machine delivery

The hand sanitizer bottle spray bottle is a six-out full-automatic blow molding machine, which is a stable two-step blow-down automatic blow molding machine of our company. From one out of one to one out of six cavities, the maximum blowing capacity is 2L, which is suitable for Blowing any shape of carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, large-diameter bottles, high-temperature-resistant bottles and other packaging containers made of PET, PP and other crystalline plastics.

PET hand sanitizer bottle spray bottle one out of six automatic blow molding machine production process (PET stretch blow process)

Preform injection molding→preform storage part of the machine (automatic below)→preform baking (temperature adjustment)→stretch blowing (stretching→mouth blowing→exhaust→both mouth and rod blowing→close mouth blowing→setting ) → take out the product → inspect and store.

main feature:

1. High safety factor: no hidden danger of personal injury, avoids the danger of semi-automatic manual bottle removal, reduces the loss caused by accidents, and improves production efficiency.

2. High speed and high efficiency: One new model is equivalent to the efficiency of six original semi-automatic machines.

3. Labor saving: the machine is operated by one person or multiple machines at the same time, saving 3 to 4 times the labor force.

4. Stable performance: It adopts imported touch-screen human-machine interface computer, which has precise, fast and stable performance. The structure is simple, and the oven is integrated with the main body of the slideway, which is convenient for maintenance.

5. Infrared lamps are used for heating, with strong penetrating power and uniform heating, and a reasonable ventilation and cooling system can fully ensure the heating of the preform and the cooling of the container mouth. PLC independent segmental temperature control, reasonable design of the drying tunnel, can be turned over, and can be adjusted from front to back and up and down. The preform heating center distance is small, the heating speed is fast, and the energy saving is 40% compared with the ordinary heating system. The preform enters the oven with the neck upwards. Due to the efficient oven cooling and ventilation system, the neck and shaft will not overheat the surface of the preform. Even thick preforms and high-productivity products can be cooled well to avoid crystallization. change. In order to ensure the yield of bottle blowing, the oven plays a very important role in measuring the performance of the machine. The oven structure of this machine adopts the latest advanced infrared radiation heating energy-saving technology, and the temperature control adopts automatic feedback and closed-loop adjustment mode.

6. The detection element is made of Japanese omron electric appliances, and the strong current control is made of imported famous products, with reliable performance and accurate response.

7. It has automatic alarm, automatic fault detection and judgment kinetic energy.

8. It can store blowing process parameters of many different bottles. When changing different molds and preforms, the data can be directly retrieved from the computer without readjustment, and the operation is very simple.

9. Pneumatic components imported from Germany, Japan and China Taiwan are selected to ensure high-speed operation efficiency.

10. It has high sensitivity, fast switching speed, low failure rate, safe and reliable operation, and the super-standard anti-vibration overall structure adopted by the whole machine can minimize the vibration when the machine is running at high speed, greatly extending the service life of accessories. service life.

11. Air circuit design Action and blowing are divided into two parts to meet the needs of different air pressures for bottle blowing and action, and realize high-pressure blowing products. An optional high-pressure bottle blowing exhaust recovery system can save 10-15% of the gas source.

12. It adopts double toggle, the main link hinge mechanism has strong clamping force, and has the function of clamping and pressurizing the mold during high-pressure bottle blowing, and the action is stable and reliable.

13. The moving part of mold opening and closing adopts high-speed linear guide rail, which has the advantages of high wear resistance, high-speed operation of mold opening and closing without vibration, etc.

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