Plastic blow molding machine manufacturers

Plastic blow molding machine manufacturers

Plastic blow molding machine manufacturers

Widely used in mineral water bottles, oil bottles, warm filling bottles, soda water bottles, juice bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, wine bottles, soy sauce, vinegar and other seasoning bottles, cosmetic bottles, disinfectant bottles, hand sanitizer bottles, jars, nuts bottles, dried fruit bottles, honey bottles and other PET bottles.

longer service life
Rich experience in blow molding machine production, strict quality control, and selection of top parts manufacturers and sheet metal materials in the industry make our machines have a longer service life.
Lower machine maintenance costs
BG Machinery always insists on providing customers with blow molding machines of high quality and reasonable price. The cost of our machine maintenance and replacement parts is among the lowest in the industry helping to save our customers total investment.

Provide professional solutions
BG Machine has a technical team and sales team with more than 10 years of experience, and has successfully provided turnkey solutions for customers in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Spain, Romania, Brazil, Mexico and other countries.

Professional blow molding machine manufacturer


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