0.5L plastic bottle blow molding machine

0.5L plastic bottle blow molding machine

0.5L plastic bottle blow molding machine

BG series automatic bottle blowing machine is a stable two-step blow-down automatic bottle blowing equipment of our company. From one out of one to one out of six cavities, it can blow up to 1.5L. It is suitable for blowing to pet, Carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, large-diameter bottles, high-temperature-resistant bottles and other packaging containers of any shape made of crystalline plastics such as pp.

1. Energy-saving design, compact and reasonable structure
2.The machine is equipped with a fault alarm diagnosis system, which makes machine maintenance more convenient
3. The automatic feeding machine adopts a non-toxic and environmentally friendly conveyor belt
4. Siemens PLC, stable performance, easy operation
5. Pneumatic components from Germany FESTO and Japan SMC are adopted

The preform is heated too high and the preform turns white

Solution: The setting parameters of each bottle blowing machine manufacturer are different. It is necessary to consult the purchaser to set the heating temperature of each lamp tube and adjust it to a suitable temperature. Generally, the whitening of the preform is mainly caused by overheating. Properly reduce the temperature of each lamp. tube temperature.
The blow molding machine is not set for pre-blowing or the pre-blowing time is too short
Solution: Adjust the pre-blowing parameters of the blow molding machine during the setting process, and adjust the pre-blowing time of the blow molding machine according to the manufacturer's technical parameters.

The company's products are widely used in mineral water, hot-filled beverages, edible oil, food cans, daily chemicals, medicine, pesticides and other fields.
The company also provides customers with whole plant equipment planning, consulting services and technical support

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