Semi automatic bottle blow molding

YC offers a variety of semi-automatic blow molding machines and different types of blow molding dies. Each YC machine or mold is carefully designed for high performance and ease of operation.

We design and manufacture a variety of blow molding machines.

Five gallon bottle blowing machine.

Mineral water bottle blowing machine.

Semi-automatic 2L PP bottle Blowing machine.

4-cavity semi-automatic blow molding machine.

5L-10L PET Blow Molding Machine.

One to two blow molding machine.

Two-step semi-automatic blow molding machine with 2L liters of mineral water, beverage, grease, cosmetics, pesticides, civilian bottles (PET, PP, PMMA, PC, PS as raw materials) and other plastic containers blow molding expertise, with small size , power consumption, easy operation and maintenance.