Supply 25L semi-automatic blow molding machine Yongchang Machinery Factory ( comments)

2020-7-16 14:45:27

The 5P bottle blowing machine is suitable for blowing 3 gallons to 5 gallons of pure water buckets, as well as bottles with different diameters and shapes from 15 mm to 200 mm.

* Perfect function: economical investment.

*Floor area: The structure is stable and space-saving.

*Simple operation: just one person.

*Power saving, no damage is allowed, the new double-curved wall connecting rod clamping is adopted, the structural support is stable, suitable for high pressure bottle blowing system.

*We can provide 3 to 5 gallon preforms and cap molds for different bottle types.

Advanced control platform and stable performance.

Assemble the far-infrared lamp to heat the tube blank.

Equipped with cylinder instead of oil pump to drive, making maintenance easier,

The noise is less.

Low investment, high productivity, easy operation, simple maintenance, high degree of automation, high-pressure mold clamping.